Treating vs. cheating

Since healthy eating isn’t about calorie counting or dieting, then there really is nothing to ‘cheat’ on. Plus, haven’t you noticed that those who naturally maintain their weight manage to have treats from time to time?  It’s part of life – and it is an important skill to learn that everything should be consumed in moderation. 

Let’s be realistic, we all have busy schedules, and in between the office, home chores, children, and just life in general, that’s a lot to juggle! And then there’s the whole fuss around meal planning and eating perfectly all the time, which just isn’t reasonable.  But if you eat three regular meals a day and have a “treat” meal once a week, you’re being “good” for 20 meals out of 21 – which is 95% of the time. 

So, my treat day is #temptatiouswednesday. I bake, and my husband and I enjoy it guilt-free.  So find your treat day, make it special – put it on a plate, eat it slowly, savor it and enjoy it.  You earned it.